J. LINN                      ALLEN



Music by Cris Wo. Book and Lyrics by J. Linn Allen.


Music by Bonnie Janofsky. Book and Lyrics by J. Linn Allen.


Music by Jamie Allen. Book and Lyrics by J. Linn Allen.

Mysterious explosions roil a small Midwest town, unearthing old romances, old crimes and new possibilities.

A gun-waving radical invades the home of a famous philosopher-poet to  force him to support her anarchist group. But when she sees he is paralyzed and speechless from a stroke, she sets out to help him speak again, hiding her intentions. At the same time she attempts to seduce his son, a morose math genius, while battling the opposition of the great man’s bitter wife and his nihilistic, party-girl daughter.   

In a dilapidated, financially struggling Chicago  cafe, a group of oddball baristas including a revolutionary on the run from assassins, a religious romantic who sees Jesus everywhere and a transvestite Ayn Rand fanatic cheat death and find purpose and love over the course of a day filled with disasters.

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